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How to Study Quran Being an Engaged Foreigner

How to Study Quran Being an Engaged Foreigner

Discovering the Quran by heart for beginners can be fast and comfortable if you use the education rules accurately. The Quran has always been a difficult task for beginners. Learners need to pay particular attention to their soft mastery and behavior. Here, we will show you how to make the online journey of learning the Quran at home more efficient and fruitful.

Studying the Quran
Studying the Quran

Learning the Quran by heart, also understood as memorizing the Quran, is a noble and worthwhile exercise for Muslims. This permits people to create a deep connection with the divine words of Allah. Although learning the Quran may seem daunting, beginners can progress steadily with the right approach and dedication. 

Suppose you think that only people gifted with an excellent memory and who have free time, or only children, or only Arabs, or only Arab children, can learn the Quran. In that case, right now, we will break all these stereotypes and tell you about something unique and so simple in such an ingenious, straightforward way, thanks to which everyone can learn the Quran!


When studying the Quran, you should start with lessons on the rules of reading the Holy Book. This science is called tajweed, and this name is translated from Arabic as “doing something better, improving something.” This science is an orthoepic reading of the Koran. She recommends reading the Scriptures in a chanting manner because reading the Koran has an important feature: the reading of each letter matters, and depending on how the reader reads it, on what letters it is surrounded by, its meaning takes on a special meaning. Reading the Holy Scriptures is melodic; it takes on a magical sound if done correctly in the classroom. Even representatives of other religions are mesmerized when they hear the correct recitation of the Quran.

Essential Points for Studying the Quran

Learning to read the Koran correctly is not easy, so during lessons, you should take into account the wishes and advice of those people who have already walked this path:

  • The first thing you should have to start studying the Koran is a burning desire to study the Holy Book for the sake of Allah Almighty. The reward that will be sent to a Muslim for all his efforts in studying the Holy Book of Allah cannot be compared in its generosity with any grades in school.
  • The next thing that is important to consider is to have a good teacher to help with the lessons, and this should be a Muslim who has not only knowledge but also experience in teaching.
  • It is much easier to start studying the Quran if you do it not alone but in a circle of like-minded people. This may be a large team or a close circle of students with similar aspirations, but the level of training of these people should be approximately the same so that they can help each other in lessons during the learning process.
  • It is necessary to start studying the Quran from the basics, with lessons on pronouncing Arabic letters.
  • The key to any teaching is regular reading of Scripture every day. Even if you spend no more than fifteen minutes daily on a lesson, this will be enough for your skills to improve daily. Take advantage of every single day, follow this principle of discipline, read the Qur’an every day, and you will see how quickly things will go for you. You can calculate the number of days and hours to study using the free online calculator One Convert, and you will understand that it will take a little of your time per week. As you gradually get into the rhythm of reading the Qur’an daily, you will be surprised that you can no longer do this activity alone.
  • There are video lessons for beginners on Islamic TV channels or online videos that can provide significant assistance to every beginner. Keep notes to record the knowledge gained at different stages of study.
  • Those suras that were studied in the last lesson should be memorized. Since Tajweed begins from the end of the Scripture, memorizing the verses also begins from the end; in the last part of the Quran, the suras are small in volume, and memorizing them will be quite easy.
  • Make sure that you are not distracted by extraneous thoughts in this matter. Go to a quiet place to concentrate only on the Quran.
  • Remember the verses with meaning: read the translation before you start learning the verse, and understand the meaning of what is written.
  • Before learning, it is useful to listen to the verse you want to learn. This will help you overcome pronunciation problems and improve the quality of your memorization.

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